Sweating in Sobriety

While exercising might not be at the top of your bucket list after addiction treatment, it may help maintain your sobriety. When people get out of rehab, they are usually overjoyed at the thought of their new life. They want to get out and celebrate their newfound freedom from addiction. This may include celebrations with friends and family, a trip or something crazy like skydiving. However, something you’ve never heard anyone say is, “When I get out of rehab, I can’t wait to EXERCISE.” But, there are some seriously awesome benefits to starting a workout routine in recovery.


Here are 10 benefits of exercise in recovery worth sweating for:


  1. Helps with Motivation and Goal Setting
    First off, staying motivated and focused on your recovery goals is critical to long-term sobriety
  2. Enhances your Mood
    Exercise creates a natural high by releasing endorphins which improve your mood
  3. Lowers your Stress
    Furthermore, exercise creates a sense of calmness and helps you cope with stress in a healthy way
  4. Gives you Energy
    Exercise increases the blood flow and oxygen to your body and improves your cardiovascular health and stamina
  5. Strengthens your Immune System
    Also, exercise protects your body from serious conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, depression, diabetes and osteoporosis
  6. Helps you Sleep Better
    Exercise restores normal sleep patterns that drugs or alcohol addiction disrupts
  7. Builds Strength of Mind
    Exercise stimulates your body to release proteins and chemicals that improve the function of your brain
  8. Gives you a Sense of Achievement
    Feelings of accomplishment will keep your attitude positive and focused on recovery
  9. Fills your Time
    Keeping your calendar structured and regimented can reduce cravings and idle time thinking about using drugs or alcohol
  10. Prevents Relapse
    Finally, not only is exercise an outlet for anger and frustration, it can prevent relapse by regulating circadian rhythm

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