Returning to Work After Quarantine

While many Americans are still out of work, some businesses have begun reopening, ending our pandemic staycations. Some people have been able to enjoy self-quarantine while others have started to lose their sanity over it. And, working from home has also received mixed reviews. The reality is this virus isn’t going away, and people will […]

Staying CaredFor as an D’Amore Alumni

CaredFor App

Staying connected and encouraged on your road to recovery keeps you moving in the right direction. There are going to be times where patients and their loved ones feel alone. Having a supportive community can give you that extra encouragement, inspiration, and motivation needed to keep going. That’s why we make all the effort to […]

Support of California Senate Bill 10

There are very few people whose lives have not brushed with mental illness or addiction. In fact, they touch everyone, whether we know it or not at the time. The sufferer or a friend or family member plagued by mental anguish and a seemingly unknown path out know things have changed, but moments of insight […]

D’Amore’s Aftercare and Alumni Programs


Alumni Programs Help You Maintain Your Sobriety You took time away from your job, home, family and friends in order to learn the skills and ability to remain clean and sober. A residential treatment center like D’Amore Healthcare is designed to take you out of your old life and open you up to a new […]