Anxiety Online: A New Approach to Mental Health

anxiety, Coping with Stress in Recovery

Can the Internet Help with Anxiety Disorders? Nearly 20% of American adults suffer from an anxiety disorder, less than half of which receive professional treatment. This is not necessarily due to a lack of treatment options, rather the barriers to treatment. Aside from cost and access, stigma and fear play a large part of the […]

Dealing with ADD/ADHD in Adulthood


ADD/ADHD and Adults People often associate attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) with children and adolescents but it can also affect young adults and adults. While ADD/ADHD is a commonly diagnosed mental health condition, it is not always treated early enough or effectively and can continue into adulthood. In fact, half of the children with ADD/ADHD […]

The Long Term Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol and Your Body Depending on how much alcohol is consumed, short-term effects of alcohol on the body is usually understood. However, what we might not be aware of is the long-term effects of alcohol. Over years, alcohol can wreak havoc on the body and can affect mental health as well. Short-term effects of alcohol […]

Helping or Enabling? Al-Anon Can Help

Loving an Alcoholic If you love someone who abuses alcohol, you want more than anything to help that person. Read on to ensure the help you are providing isn’t causing more suffering and visit Al-Anon to take the quiz.   Making Excuses Have you ever made excuses or lied to protect your loved one’s behavior […]

D’Amore Healthcare Approach to Comorbidity; Healing with Heart

Dual Diagnosis Comorbidity

What Is Comorbidity? As a nurse practitioner, I’ve had the privilege to care for all types of patients. However, the majority of my patients, were never single diagnoses… that would be too easy. I cared for complex patients, who suffered from comorbidity. Hypertension, Type II diabetes, heart failure, COPD, etc.… You name the disease and […]