Two Accredited Facilities, One Shared Vision

We are fortunate to live in the age of integrative medicine, a time when public health can really improve because we recognize mental wellness as the precursor to total health. If addiction or mental illness are addressed, the whole person can thrive because feedback from all systems is heard and felt. Not to mention, the […]

Shepherding the Shepherds: Addiction in The Faith Community


“Lead us not into temptation…” Clergy, including priests, pastors, ministers, and rabbis, are just as human as everyone else. They are just as prone to process addiction, substance use, or mental illness. As community leaders, the clergy explores the challenges facing humanity. However, they are not titanium-clad, extra holy, or stress-proof. The individuals who preach […]

October is Substance Abuse Prevention Month

substance abuse

Addiction Affects Us All On September 28, 2018, the President declared October  “National Substance Abuse Prevention Month.” This comes a year after the White House declared a nationwide Public Health Emergency. Earlier this year, The Crisis Next Door blog was launched to encourage Americans to share how this epidemic has affected their lives. The crisis […]

We want to get it off our chest — You deserve to be cancer free AND drug free!

breast cancer

OCT Breast Cancer Awareness and Addiction: When One Disease Leads to Another Finding out you or someone you love has cancer is frightening. The emotional rollercoaster of understanding your diagnosis, treatment options and chances of survival is a challenging journey. All oncological treatments including breast cancer treatment are often unpleasant and painful, from radiation, chemotherapy […]

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

What is Alcohol Poisoning? Alcohol poisoning, or alcohol overdose, is the result of drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. Typically a person suffering from alcoholism. Approximately 6 people die from alcohol poisoning each day in the US. Alcohol depresses nerves that control breathing, heart rate and body temperature. Consuming high levels of […]

Warning : Pain Pill Addiction

In the United States, an average of one in 20 people in the U.S. (12 and older) admits to non-medical use of prescription painkillers. Misuse of painkillers represents more than three-fourths of the overall problem of prescription drug abuse. The pain pill hydrocodone is the most commonly diverted and abused controlled pharmaceutical in the US. […]

Tips for Preparing for Rehab

You’re about to change your life for the better! You made the tough decision to go to inpatient rehab. Now, how can you prepare so that you can focus on your rehab without worrying about what’s happening at home? These tips will help you prepare for the much-needed pause from your everyday life. Getting help […]

Coping with Stress in Recovery

anxiety, Coping with Stress in Recovery

Handling Stress We all experience stress throughout the course of our lives. No one lives a stress-free life. However, how we cope with recovery is the difference between a happy, healthy life and a life of stress and relapse. Key stress factors could include: financial concerns, family dramas, and crises, death and work problems.   […]

Orange County Detox & Treatment

D’Amore Healthcare, located in Orange County, is a comfortable setting to achieve goals and adopt healthy routines D’Amore Healthcare’s full-spectrum approach to treatment addresses addiction at every level to achieve lasting sobriety. Programs include supervised detox and residential treatment to address crisis stabilization, mental, physical and emotional health. With modern amenities that include updated beautiful homes with […]

8 Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress During Recovery

stress during recovery

Coping With Stress in Recovery  It’s really late, and you can’t sleep. It’s impossible to relax. Your mind is racing with thoughts about the past day, week, year.  Stress and anxiety are hard to deal with for anyone, but they’re especially hard if you’re used to coping at the moment with drugs or alcohol. If […]