The Role of Community in Mental Illness Recovery

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One in four people suffers from some form of mental illness. That makes mental illness one of the main causes of ill-health and disability in the world. Mental illness comes in many forms and doesn’t discriminate. Men, women, and children of all walks of life are at risk. One of the best ways to treat […]

5 Holiday Sobriety Tips for Addicts Fresh from Drug Treatment


Sober for the Holidays Every day of every year someone is progressing forward into the world; having a newborn, attending high school or college graduate, a newlywed couple, someone who is buying a new home, and yes, even someone getting their sobriety and stepping out of a drug and rehab treatment center. Each of these […]

Sober Holiday Party Tips to Help Prevent another Stint in a Drug Treatment Facility

With holiday parties, lack of sleep, dwindling cash supply, and multiple commitments with family and friends it can become increasingly difficult to find ways to stay sober, especially if you’ve recently finished a drug treatment program; detox, rehab or both. The holidays tend to bring out some base emotions due to personal expectation on others. […]