What Is The Difference Between CBT And DBT?

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In addiction treatment and mental health treatment, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are frequently utilized to assist in the recovery of suffering clients. Both are some of the most common and best-known treatment approaches used in the treatment of a wide variety of mental health and behavioral health disorders. Cognitive Behavioral […]

Support of California Senate Bill 10

There are very few people whose lives have not brushed with mental illness or addiction. In fact, they touch everyone, whether we know it or not at the time. The sufferer or a friend or family member plagued by mental anguish and a seemingly unknown path out know things have changed, but moments of insight […]

Bariatric Surgery: A New Beginning


Kick-Start to a New Life Bariatric surgery can be a great kick-start for people who have been struggling with eating issues. After your surgery, your stomach is a fraction of the size it used to be, so portion control is much easier. Remember, though, that it is only the beginning. I like to draw a […]

Anxiety Online: A New Approach to Mental Health

anxiety, Coping with Stress in Recovery

Can the Internet Help with Anxiety Disorders? Nearly 20% of American adults suffer from an anxiety disorder, less than half of which receive professional treatment. This is not necessarily due to a lack of treatment options, rather the barriers to treatment. Aside from cost and access, stigma and fear play a large part of the […]

D’Amore’s Aftercare and Alumni Programs


Alumni Programs Help You Maintain Your Sobriety You took time away from your job, home, family and friends in order to learn the skills and ability to remain clean and sober. A residential treatment center like D’Amore Healthcare is designed to take you out of your old life and open you up to a new […]

Opioid Overdose: A Prime Time Problem

opioid overdose

The Conners Spotlights the Opioid Overdose Crisis It started last season when the topic of opioid addiction took center stage on the hit show, Roseanne. In typical Roseanne Barr fashion, the show’s matriarchal character faces a controversial topic head-on after a real-life knee injury. Dating back to the original series, the show has been known for […]

Maintaining Sobriety While Away at College


Sobriety in Dorm or Greek Life Managing your daily school schedule, study time, work, exercise, friends, the picky RA, money and some sleep can be a doozy! The popular narrative is that college is filled with a lot of partying and little studying. If you are a recovering addict that is heading back to school, […]

Healing the Herd Through Equine Therapy

equine therapy

How Equine Therapy Increases Self-Compassion and Self-Awareness Self-compassion and self-awareness are improved through equine therapy because both horses and humans are based in the herd instinct (tribe, band, family, etc). Without the herd, isolation is fatal. The fundamental well being of each individual in the herd is vital to the wellbeing of the herd as […]

October is Substance Abuse Prevention Month

substance abuse

Addiction Affects Us All On September 28, 2018, the President declared October  “National Substance Abuse Prevention Month.” This comes a year after the White House declared a nationwide Public Health Emergency. Earlier this year, The Crisis Next Door blog was launched to encourage Americans to share how this epidemic has affected their lives. The crisis […]

We want to get it off our chest — You deserve to be cancer free AND drug free!

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OCT Breast Cancer Awareness and Addiction: When One Disease Leads to Another Finding out you or someone you love has cancer is frightening. The emotional rollercoaster of understanding your diagnosis, treatment options and chances of survival is a challenging journey. All oncological treatments including breast cancer treatment are often unpleasant and painful, from radiation, chemotherapy […]