Mental Health Support Group

Orange County Mental Health Treatment Center


Connecting to a network of people with similar questions, struggles, experiences, and victories is essential. There is something powerful in knowing that others (in proximity) walked a similar road. Your narrative has grit and personality! Share it! Not only do you gain an opportunity for your voice to be heard, you get to learn from the experiences of others and develop a strong sense of empathy and community. D’Amore Healthcare offers a weekly mental health support group to provide a space for these connections to be made.


Every Monday night at 7P, D’Amore Healthcare opens its doors to host the mental health support group. The invitation extends from current and former patients to adult family members, friends, and anyone else interested in mental wellness, the healing process, and building new, supportive relationships. Though this is not a twelve-step meeting, members of those groups are welcome to come and share their stories with us.

These meetings are provided free of cost. Attendees share their experiences in a safe and judgment-free environment, making lifelong friends along the way.  We look to share our emotions, setbacks, needs, victories, and praises in order to lift each other up.  We only ask that what is shared at the meeting remain confidential to protect and promote the healing process.


If you have experience with mental wellness, please come and join us on Monday nights. We would love to have you! Let’s forge new bonds of friendship and fellowship, share our valuable experiences, and walk the road to mental health recovery together.