D'Amore is now in-Network with United Health Group
We are proud to announce the opening of our fourth Residential Facility: Cheyenne House
D'Amore is now in Network with MHN Health Net Insurance
We are proud to announce the opening of our fourth Residential Facility: Cheyenne House
D'Amore is now in Network with MHN Health Net Insurance
D'Amore is now in Network with MHN Health Net Insurance

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Prime. Prompt. Praise.™

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Prime. Prompt. Praise. is our trusted vehicle to help patients get from A to B. Introducing a new idea is not something our brain or body immediately absorbs. Whether you are a triathlete in middle America, or you are in need of D’Amore Healthcare’s services,  Whether the goal is to record the 7 vital signs, or move forward in the day towards group work or a psychiatry appointment, Prime. Prompt. Praise. helps patients enjoy the benefits of D’Amore Healthcare mandatory activities. When a patient can look back on his or her day, before the rest, and they see kinetic and courageous actions, they take healing to the next level.

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The decisions made along the way, from A to B, often seem simple, but they are not easy. This has to do with the fatigue, shame and varied emotions in early recovery. So we created a way to meet patients needs in a structured, loving way that revitalizes their circadian rhythm, creates interdependence and builds self-efficacy. Priming looks like educating to create an awareness of time which will later lead to accountability and achievement. Prompt is a reminder harking back to the most important tasks on the schedule in the next 60 minutes. Praise is the acknowledgment of a patient’s ability to problem solve and self-regulate.

Prime. Prompt. Praise. occurs hundreds of times per day for D’Amore Healthcare patients. New ideas run wild at D’Amore Healthcare because patients enjoy more than basic needs, therapy and medical care, they lift their gaze and start to use their imagination and critical thinking.