May is for Motivation: Revisit Your Recovery Goals 

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers! Spring is a brand new season filled with blossoming potential. It’s also time to do some spring-cleaning and clean out any cobwebs of complacency with your recovery. Revisit the recovery goals you set at the New Year or in recovery to make sure you are staying motivated. Treating the achievement of goals as a lifestyle will certainly do your garden good!


Write Down your Goals

If you haven’t yet, writing down your goals and creating action steps will boost your motivation. Success experts assert though that people who write down goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who don’t. So, get a piece of paper out and write down some short and long-term goals. Then create an action plan on how you can progress toward them.


Motivation to Stay Sober 

The motivation to stay sober starts with commitment. Commit to a support system that works for you. You can commit to weekly 12-step meetings, a support group, a church or synagogue, counseling, and so on. Think about what type of support system keeps you encouraged and motivated and commit to that.  


It is also important to surround yourself with a supportive network of friends and peers who are highly motivated. Be sure that you are taking care of your social needs by engaging with a friend sometimes or getting out there to encourage and motivate others. Take care of your needs, too. As you invest in yourself, you will feel better and have more motivation to continue toward your goals. 


Celebrate your Achievements

As you gain ground toward your goals, celebrate every milestone. Go out to dinner with friends, treat yourself to a new outfit, or throw a dinner party! Reward yourself for staying motivated with fresh flowers and let them remind you how much you’ve grown. Achieving a goal or milestone is worthy of celebration; so don’t overlook even the smallest of achievements!


Here’s to a glorious spring and you staying motivated to achieve your goals and stay sober!

We are rooting for you!

Stay connected, stay motivated and chances are you will enjoy a happy, healthy, less-stress life! To learn more, contact us or call 714.375.1110

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