Sober Living Homes in Southern California

Sober Living homes are alcohol and drug-free living environments for people abstaining from alcohol and drugs. They are transitional housing is a wonderful option for alcoholics and addicts who have completed an inpatient treatment program. In fact, sober living is an excellent environment for anyone recovering from mental illness, who needs structure reinforced in maintaining daily healthy habits. Therefore, the main purposes of this safe environment are to maintain sobriety and continuously build quality of life. As well as, peer support and 12 step programs are an integral part of helping residents stay sober. When residents are provided with the support of ‘like-minded’ people, then recovery for each individual becomes a group effort.


Motivation has to be fed

Attending NA or AA meetings is essential and encouraged. But, what else should I do to REALLY change my life?  


Although ‘treatment’ does not occur in a sober living residence, the extra efforts, together, as a united community, help reduce the chance of substance use relapse.


Be patient with yourself

Treatment programs last 30 to 90 days. Some people try to restart their life after this short period of time. But, remember dangerous habits and ideology around pain and suffering did not develop in just 30 or 90 days. As such, be patient with yourself. You are worth the investment of time, compassion and support. Also, residential treatment is where life-changing patterns begin!  Recovery, pattern adaptation and stable mental, emotional and social stepping stones need deeper development and practice.


The Promises do come true!

Considering the cost, relative to the lifelong benefits, moving into a sober living is a good move. Also, for anyone adjusting to sobriety, counseling, a get well job, regular work with a sponsor and a group of friends who have empathy and determination will sustain the recovering person. The Promises do come true! (Alcoholics Anonymous pages 83-84)


Change and stormy days will come. The habits of recovery, including where we live, prepare individuals to gather up self-efficacy, to face any disappointment or challenge – sober and surrounded by good people.


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