D'Amore is now in-Network with United Health Group
We are proud to announce the opening of our fourth Residential Facility: Cheyenne House
D'Amore is now in Network with MHN Health Net Insurance
We are proud to announce the opening of our fourth Residential Facility: Cheyenne House
D'Amore is now in Network with MHN Health Net Insurance
D'Amore is now in Network with MHN Health Net Insurance

Residential Treatment for Addiction

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Treat Addiction Today

We offer a range of care, recognizing that not everyone needs the same addiction treatment plan. We’re on this path together — every step of the way. The D’Amore treatment program is a multi-faceted recovery progression, that evaluates, identifies, and addresses challenges. Some would say, it’s easy to be sober for one day or one week. At D’Amore Healthcare, we don’t just help people get sober, we help them stay sober and enjoy the high-quality life their human dignity calls out for.

D'Amore Addiction Treatment Program

D’Amore Healthcare’s Addiction Recovery Programs include :
Residential Addiction and Alcohol Treatment
Residential Mental Health Stabilization
Individual Counseling
Recreation and Exercise
Legal Advocacy
Family Counseling
Equine Therapy
Functional Medicine Nutritional Care
Discharge Planning, including budgeting and faith community linkages

D'Amore Interdisciplinary Care Team

D’Amore Healthcare programs are evidence-based pharmacotherapies and behavioral therapies. The core, ‘Gracious Redundancy’ signature is applied in every aspect of care, providing safe and informed decision making. Instead of telling individuals what they need, we educate, invite, apply and discuss every element of healing.

Recovery and personal transformation takes an interdisciplinary care team:

Addiction counselors

EMDR trained therapists

Psychologists and psychiatrists

Physicians and nurses

Family specialists

Certified equine practitioners

Spiritual care professionals

Nutritionists and wellness specialists

Beach Football, Yoga, Hiking, Surfing, etc.

Health, Diet, and Nutritional Education

Alumni Program and Social Activities

Addiction Treatment Is Built On Quality, Integrity And Success

We have helped patients heal from disorders related to substance use, trauma, chronic pain and long protected habits that made sense at one time. Clinicians and professionals trust us because of our impeccable reputation for quality, integrity and long-term recovery in:

D’Amore Healthcare helps individuals and their loved ones step back from common symptoms. Symptoms of isolation, anger and fear can be overcome when counseling, medical care, personal assignments, movement and nutrition meet. Because we strive to listen and work backward based on your goals, your needs, we ask a lot of questions, which helps us create the best plan, building on your learning style and preferences. It is daunting for anyone to face a chronic brain disorder alone. Nevertheless, it’s companions, wreckage and shame. That is why we are here to outline a treatment plan and provide Gracious Redundancy all along the way, until you start to feel relief and see signs and symptoms of physical, social, mental and emotional restoration.

Some addictions, like workaholism or alcoholism, may be self-injurious, but look acceptable, even appealing. All addictions lead to dangerous actions (e.g., driving while preoccupied with work matters, driving under the influence, driving while texting, driving after only 2 hours of sleep). Temporarily, social and financial rewards may detract from related health problems and the seriousness of a substance use disorder. But, addiction eventually impairs all dimensions of well-being: the physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, professional, and spiritual.

D'Amore Recognizes That Every Story Is Unique, Sacred

We take your entire medical history under consideration. Our trained and licensed clinicians pride themselves in situating you with the right amount of education, counseling, activities and personal growth assignments. As a result, with sustained engagement and time, you will develop relationships with sober peers and find yourself responding to triggers or cravings with uncanny awareness, purposefulness and overcoming.

In addition, there is no “typical” D’Amore patient. In fact, what’s important is not what age, creed, drug or, the combination of substances and behaviors. Instead, the decision to ask for help, the decision to build a support system and the decision to let motivation move you – these requirements invite a diverse healing community at D’Amore Healthcare.