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D'Amore And Individualized Counseling

Individualized counseling can help you manage many personal stressors in life such as relationships, parenting, substance abuse, and career challenges. More so, individual counseling is especially effective for mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar, and many others.

D’Amore Healthcare™ can provide you the means to live a less stressful and more productive life. Our professional counselors are experienced in treating mental health disorders and provide individualized counseling for every patient. Our inpatient mental health facility in Orange County can help you overcome symptoms related to your condition.

What Is Therapy?

Individualized therapy or counseling is also referred to as psychotherapy (talk therapy). This joint process is between a licensed professional, like a clinical social worker or therapist, and the patient seeking treatment. The patient is strictly one-on-one with the mental health professional, in a confidential environment. This relationship and bond is what enables trust and personal growth for the patient.

Individualized counseling focuses on the patient’s near future and immediate concerns or current symptoms associated with mental health disorders. The goal of therapy is to inspire change or improve their quality of life by using new coping skills. Individual therapy should be patient-driven, with specific goals determined by the patient and therapist. Patients typically enjoy the journey of becoming more self-aware and continuous self-growth.

When Is It Best To Seek Therapy?

When symptoms related to mental health issues start interfering with daily life, it could be time to seek individualized counseling. When feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness are becoming unbearable, it is in the person’s best interest to get help. It is also important to seek treatment sooner before symptoms become more severe. Some people may avoid seeking treatment like individualized counseling for many reasons, including:

Reasons People Avoid Individual Counseling:

The stigma associated with mental health treatment

Feelings of shame when talking about the past

Not wanting to acknowledge that anything is wrong

Fear that discussions in therapy will not stay confidential

Money issues

Remember that therapists are trained professionals who are there to provide the patient support and maintain confidentiality. They can help a patient work through painful and embarrassing problems. As the stigma around mental health decreases, more people are comfortable talking to professionals they can trust.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), mental health disorders are common in the United States. About 1 in 5 adults may be affected by a mental health issue. Individualized counseling can provide patients the tools to manage symptoms, and improve their quality of life.

How Is Therapy Frequency and Duration Determined?

A typical, individual counseling session lasts from 45-50 minutes. The frequency and duration of counseling depends on the severity of the disorder and the needs of each patient. There are concerns that can be resolved in the short-term, and more complex concerns that require a longer duration. Research shows that psychotherapy results in less relapses of common disorders like moderate depression and anxiety.

The positive results of individualized counseling will show well beyond treatment. Many patients report improved conditions long after their last counseling session. This is because psychotherapy can be more effective than medical treatments alone, which can cause intense side effects.

Physical Benefits Of Therapy

Mental health problems go beyond affecting the mind, and can cause physical harm to the body. Conditions often cause stress and trouble sleeping, which have serious consequences to your physical health. Individual counseling can improve a patients mental health, along with stress levels and sleeping habits. In return, these improvements can be beneficial to your physical health, which includes:

Benefits to Physical Health Include:

Decreased blood pressure

Less pain and tension

Lower risk of a heart attack or stroke

Stronger immune system

Improved athletic performance

Balanced blood sugar

Other factors may affect a person’s physical health as well. Although, there’s no doubt that feeling better mentally, means seeing improvement in a person’s overall physical well-being.

Helping A Loved One Seek Individualized Counseling

Finding a therapist can cause distress and bring on feelings of guilt and shame. With the stigma of mental health changing, there is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. If you or a loved one struggles with a mental health issue, it’s okay to speak about it. At D’Amore Healthcare™, we want to hear you out and talk through your problems together.

Contact us today to learn more about our individualized counseling, as well as our group counseling services.