Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Center

D’Amore Healthcare invites you to Community Mental Health Group led by a licensed therapist

Tuesday Evenings

6pm – 7:30pm Monthly
First Meeting October 1, 2019

Crosspoint Church

7661 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA
High School Room

For parents with questions and individuals who may be hurting and looking for a warm, professional atmosphere to talk, we ask you to please join us.

*participants must be 18 years or older.

Talk to someone today. Call California’s best resource for mental illness and addiction:

The D’Amore Gracious Redundancy Handbook

At D’Amore Healthcare, every patient embarks on a journey of recovery. During this process, we treat the senses and personalize care in a way that speaks to patients of all different learning styles. The result is a comprehensive treatment program that improves mood, behavior, and cognition.

We use the Gracious Redundancy Patient Handbook to catalog this journey.  Instead of taking notes and doodling in a journal that falls apart after a week or two of use, we designed our Patient Handbook to serve as a guide for our guests, not just during treatment, but as a foundation that will inform their healthcare planning for years to come. This Handbook will guide our patients from their first-day introduction to D’Amore through their Aftercare planning and eventually back out into the real world.  Our Handbook will be with our patients throughout the day as they solve puzzles to reduce anxiety, practice grounding exercises to center their mood and journal to prepare for individual therapy sessions. The material in our carefully crafted Handbook provides patients with the daily practices necessary to achieve a higher quality of life.

My Supports | You’re not alone, we can prove it and so can you!  This section illustrates all the ways that you can depend on new resources and let new people depend on you.

Education | Our brains and bodies have an amazingly intricate design. You deserve to learn more about who you are and how to change your habits and thoughts.

Creativity | A little daydreaming and doodling are necessary to improve your mental health. We made plenty of space to journal, to dawdle over a thought or leave behind an image that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Daily Pages | Jot down thoughts and feelings that connect our lessons to your emotions and experiences.  Take note of encouragement, spend a moment enriching your self-awareness, and be mindful of building new relationships.

Aftercare | The First Year Plan is a launchpad for great things big and small.  However, nothing meaningful is ever gained easily. We begin discharge planning even before you arrive to give you the best snapshot of healthy living uniquely tailored for your diagnosis and history.


Here are up to date articles to help you stay informed:

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Addiction: Chronic Substance Abuse and how it can alter your thinking.  US News & World Report, A look at the Brain Disease

Pain Medication: The subtle addition of abusing Doctor prescribed medication.  CNN Special, Advice from Doctors.

Learn about the Fourth Leading Cause of Preventable Death in the US: Alcohol

Iconic Overdose: What the tragic demise of a pop star can teach us about addiction. Prince’s Death

Over the Counter Naloxone not a Replacement for Treatment. ABC News Opioid Antidote

Opioids and Chronic Pain New England Journal of Medicine, 2016

Everything you need to know about Anxiety

Understanding the science, your options, and the toll these illnesses take on you and your family is the first step to a fresh start. Also, to evaluate our philosophy and quality care for yourself – it is our pleasure to assist you. 

In summary, we hope the perspectives above help you or your loved one understand how integrative care for addiction and mental illness can change your emotional, physical, financial, professional, legal and spiritual landscapes.

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