Build Me Up® Employer


Build Me Up® Employer

Build Me Up® Employer ensures compliance, reduces hazards, improves worker safety & wellness, productivity and savings. Fatigue Management is the prevention component to D’Amore Healthcare’s intervention services.

Are Your Employees, Contractors, And Their Workers Observing Safety Practices And Performing As Effectively As Possible?

Every employee wants to be recognized, affirmed, approved of, challenged and rewarded. Sometimes, it’s difficult for employers to identify fatigue because its cousin is low productivity. Build Me Up® Employer raises employee and employer goals. By raise, we mean elevating them to the point of what’s feasible and benefits everyone. The quandary: employers are less likely to spotlight or groom associates who appear to have a low threshold for stress or innovation. D’Amore Healthcare® empathizes with both parties: no one is a robot, everyone has expectations (good or bad). The brass tacks: when the temperature in the workplace rises, it’s regulate and reward, it’s Build Me Up® Employer. This is the beginning of engagement, productivity, creativity and collaboration.

What Is Worker Fatigue

Worker fatigue is physical tiredness and a mental state of impaired alertness, attentiveness, and cognition that leads to:

Reduced fine and gross motor coordination

Slower reaction times

Loss of environmental awareness

Decreased cognitive and logical reasoning ability

Poor judgment and ability to make decisions

Diminished ability to communicate

Hours Worked Vs. Productive Hours

Study A

shows productive hours when a person is excessively fatigued.

Study B

shows productive hours when a person worked four weeks of extended hours.

Study C & D

show productive hours when a person worked just one week of extended hours.

Source: The Myths & Realities of Fatigue. 2013.

Ignoring Fatigue Management And Its Risks Poses A Threat To Maintaining Safe Operations

For the worker, fatigue results in:

  • Reduced ability to work safely and productively
  • Likely accidents and omissions in procedures
  • Impaired ability to communicate effectively with co-workers and managers, resulting in negative interpersonal activities and feelings

For the corporation, fatigue results in:

  • Increased absenteeism
  • High worker turnover
  • Reduced morale and poor labor relations
  • Risk of worker injury or death, environmental damage, and loss of assets due to accidents

Regulate And Reward

Sometimes grueling, sometimes exciting, any professional scope (regardless of the role or remuneration) brings stress, discomfort, pressure, and barriers.  D’Amore Healthcare® provides Fatigue Management services to Build Up® Employers and Employees. Build Me Up® Employer (BMUe) gets to the heart of engagement by breaking tradition with the anthem of scarcity and building tradition with an allegiance to regulate and reward. Employees want to engage. No associate wakes up in the morning determined to do a terrible job. Associates do not use their imagination to find the best ways to lose trust in you. Rather, they need you to set the tone on how to Build Up® the company. 


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Call today, we can share your anonymous (or not) recommendation with your C Suite or direct supervisor. Build Me Up Employer® will not only create a more challenging, rewarding and supportive workplace climate, but you will know you were the catalyst!

Every Employee Wants To Be Recognized, Affirmed, Approved of, Acknowledged And Challenged

Occasionally, it’s difficult for employers to identify fatigue because its cousin is low productivity. We know employers are less likely to raise up associates who appear to have a low threshold for stress. D’Amore Healthcare® has identified that employee resilience is not in question in 75% of productivity issues. What we urge you to bring into the discussion is your associate’s ability to regulate AND your organization’s actions to recognize it (BMUe). D’Amore Healthcare’s BMUe program is about recalibrating engagement, productivity, creativity and collaboration for your organization and your associates.

Engagement Is One Of The Hardest Things To Maintain Under Fatigue

At some point, the body’s stress response changes the workplace landscape. It’s confusing at first. What looks like linear thinking, dampened critical thinking, or the absence of internal customer service might be the invitation for BMUe.

Distress across personal and professional realms is a common complaint across the 21st-century workforce. Some relate the stress to changes in social norms (a more isolated, autonomous society), others relate it to the uncertainty of performance measures or reward.

The ability to meaningfully connect with others outside of work has changed dramatically since the onset of the 24/7/365 access culture. Technology has changed our pace, employee retention, and our gaze. The associate who arrives at 7A with matcha in hand leaves at 4P with the smartphone in focus only to be back on the laptop between 7P and 11P.

Performance Measures And Reward

The onslaught of screen demands and tech interruption is shaping our natural lives, confusing the circadian rhythm and disrupting the human potential for output. Partial attention at any point means partial satisfaction for someone. The associate who does not set clear limits on their access to work will burn out.

Human beings, assailed by the all-access culture, turn into digital hamsters without discretionary leadership. BMUe® equips associates and market leaders to marry task management and self-regulation. Professional success is a marathon, not a sprint.

Together, we can defy burnout by redefining social norms, performance measures, and rewards.

Sample Build Me Up® Employer Schedule:

Day 1

Screening, Interviews (learning from the manager and the associate perspective)

Day 2

Creative exercise, storytelling, meal and dialogue (suggested group size is less than 50)

Day 3

Goal setting, Fatigue Management plan, regulate and reward milestones and incentives.Goal setting, Fatigue Management plan, regulate and reward milestones and incentives.

Day 4

Group activity, story framing, ABC planning, burnout prevention exercise

Day 5

Department mission statement, 3 values and how. Wrap up with accountability and celebration.