A Thin Line: Heavy Drinking and Alcohol Use Disorder

alcohol use disorder

No one takes their first drink with the intention of developing a problem. Most of us just wanted to have a good time and unwind. But when does a good time stop and trouble start? In a culture where happy hours are the norm and beer commercials promise nothing short of bliss, it can be […]

5 Tips for Dating in Sobriety

A higher level of self-awareness and self-care  The idea of sober dating may seem like a scary proposition. There’s the worry that no one would want to date someone in recovery. Or, that someone will not accept someone who knows their own limits and their own body at this level. We live in a culture […]

Coping with Stress in Recovery

anxiety, Coping with Stress in Recovery

Handling Stress We all experience stress throughout the course of our lives. No one lives a stress-free life. However, how we cope with recovery is the difference between a happy, healthy life and a life of stress and relapse. Key stress factors could include: financial concerns, family dramas, and crises, death and work problems.   […]

Is Alcohol Good or Bad For Your Health?

Alcohol and Your Health For quite some time now, we have heard claims that alcohol can be good for your health, especially for the heart. These claims are not certain and are based on moderate alcohol consumption. According to the Mayo Clinic, even moderate drinking is not risk free.   Moderate alcohol consumption for healthy […]

Dangers of Substance Abuse

Dangers of Substance Abuse Addicts who have the ability to function each day may not realize how their substance abuse use patterns are harming them. However, the longer they ignore their addiction, the apter they are to suffer mental, emotional and physical consequences.   Untreated Addiction A substance use disorder, over time, can significantly reduce an […]

Could You Be an Alcoholic?

Alcohol Use Disorder Warning Signs Do you question whether you are an alcoholic or not? Alcoholism is a disease that affects nearly 18 million people and their families in the United States. An estimated 16 million people have been medically diagnosed with “Alcohol Use Disorder.” To assess whether you have AUD, answer these questions. Here […]

Helping or Enabling? Al-Anon Can Help

Loving an Alcoholic If you love someone who abuses alcohol, you want more than anything to help that person. Read on to ensure the help you are providing isn’t causing more suffering and visit Al-Anon to take the quiz.   Making Excuses Have you ever made excuses or lied to protect your loved one’s behavior […]

Dual Diagnosis and Substance Abuse

What Does It Mean to have a dual diagnosis?   Mental Illness Dual diagnosis means when someone experiences a mental illness and a substance use disorder simultaneously. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), nearly a third of people with mental illness and half of the people with severe mental illness also experience […]

Managing Diabetes alongside Alcoholism

Diabetes and Alcoholism Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from diabetes and alcoholism with little understanding about the link between these diseases.   The Glucose Connection Fermented yeast, sugar, and starch is essentially Alcohol!  And let’s not forget during digestion, starch is broken down into glucose. Consequently, in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, […]