Gracious Redundancy®

Orange County Mental Health Treatment Center

Gracious Redundancy® (GR)

Compassion is first at D’Amore Healthcare®. Delivered in a thousand ways, from thick homemade cookies to comprehensive psychiatric appointments, compassion is packaged as Gracious Redundancy here. Because we do the same things in creative ways, we explain the same concept kindly over time- these actions and concepts, protracted over time, treat the spirit and the chronic brain disorder.

Have you noticed the ways that the airlines have provided passengers with life-saving information for decades? Emergency information, facts about the airplane, information about the staff, seat assignments or related designations like boarding group, even in-flight food or beverage options, it’s provided in writing, it’s provided verbally, and it’s stated more than once in a gracious, professional tone to ensure a pleasant experience for the passenger. THIS is gracious redundancy. Human beings need it, especially in the middle of any illness.

GR Leads Our Guiding Principles At D'Amore Mental Health

D’Amore Healthcare® ensures a foundation for healthy living by treating the psychiatric needs while caring for the whole person. Our unique program develops an attainable individualized treatment plan in a setting that stirs and addresses cognitive, written, verbal, physical, emotional, social, legal, spiritual, and financial needs. Individuals are not in the habit of receiving this warmth, structure, and hope. Often, people expect the opposite, though their minds and bodies need this compassion. We like to surprise, and it makes healing fun!

Gracious Redundancy® guides our Team to ensure patients are spoken to with the same unconditional positive regard, whether they are having a brave day or a fearful day, whether they are reticent to engage in group work or fully enthralled. As a result, Gracious Redundancy® guides our providers and practitioners to reflect back what they hear, ensure clarity, provide options, and use patient autonomy as the axis point for the deep, abiding respect our patients receive.

Positive Reinforcements

The reinforcement theory of motivation informs us that an individual’s behavior is a function of its consistent consequences. It is based on “law of effect”, i.e, an individual’s behavior with positive consequences tends to be repeated, but an individual’s behavior with negative consequences tends not to be repeated. Also, patients at D’Amore are sensitive to the presence or absence of a reinforcer to the degree of our Gracious Redundancy®. B. F. Skinner’s operant conditioning (positive reinforcement) gets to the heart of behavior change by showing individuals the power of positive behavior and positive rewards.

While much of society is rewarding or demonizing behavior that is lethal or toxic, D’Amore Healthcare® is recognizing brave warriors who learn to sit in restlessness, loss, or loneliness for 0.6 seconds more than they were able to manage yesterday. While the criminal justice system punishes people without showing them what to do in replacement of a lethal, toxic, or civically wayward behavior, D’Amore Healthcare® is building self-efficacy by celebrating new healthy behaviors with a variety of reward options.

More About Gracious Redundancy™ And Positive Reinforcements

Human beings do not create healthy habits by accident. Because a healthy habit requires modeling, guidance, education, self-awareness, and positive reinforcements. Also, treating mental illness requires new patterns of behavior and thinking. For these to last, both Gracious Redundancy® and Positive Reinforcements need to be present so new memories, endorphins, and hormonal balances not only stabilize the other simultaneous biochemical processes, but give way to self-regulation. Furthermore, initially, it’s not possible for the patient to give enough grace or positive reinforcement to themselves. Hence, provided with close supervision, encouragement, prompting and reassurance, healthy habits become the patient’s new normal, due to the external force of D’Amore’s careful delivery of services.

With time, psychiatric care, medication, 24-hour support, structure, nutrition, sleep, therapy, and recreation, mental illness becomes mental wellness. Factually speaking, the two cornerstones girding D’Amore Healthcare’s philosophy ensure the best delivery of these repeated healing practices.