THC Psychosis Treatment


What Is A THC Psychosis?

The growing trend of marijuana legalization across the US has led many people to assume that the drug is harmless.  Marijuana has been praised for its medicinal properties, which have been said to treat anything from Nausea to Cancer.  New cultivation techniques and delivery methods, including vape e-liquid, waxes, shatter, tinctures, and edibles, have produced products that are significantly more potent than previous strains.  These new products contain higher quantities of marijuana’s primary active ingredient, Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.  In the 1980’s marijuana “flower,” or the green plant matter that is traditionally smoked, contained around 2% THC, current reports place the THC content of some strains of marijuana at between 17-28% THC.  Like any other mind-altering substance, different people react differently to THC.  One of the most severe reactions to Marijuana use is THC-Induced Psychosis.

Psychosis is a mental health condition in which a person loses their grasp on reality.  Symptoms of psychosis often include auditory and visual hallucinations as well as delusions.  Psychosis is not a mental illness in and of itself but commonly occurs as a symptom of another disorder like Schizophrenia.  Using drugs and alcohol can cause a person to experience psychosis.  Substance abuse can also trigger dormant mental health issues or worsen existing conditions.  While people might associate psychosis with “harder” drugs like methamphetamines or LSD, chronic marijuana usage can also cause a person to experience psychosis.  For most people, the effects of marijuana will wear off after a few hours.  However, the impact of THC Psychosis may last for days, weeks, or even months after the last dosage.

What Causes Marijuana Psychosis?

Marijuana Psychosis is caused by habitually using marijuana or attempting to stop using marijuana suddenly, without tapering off.  Ingesting large amounts of THC with some frequency over an extended amount of time makes a person more likely to experience psychotic symptoms.  This consumption can trigger underlying mental health conditions or exacerbate existing mental health disorders.  

There is no standard quantity of THC that will conclusively cause a person to enter into a THC Psychosis.  Nor is there a guarantee that this psychosis would not have eventually emerged without the use of marijuana.  But a recent study has shown that high-volume, habitual use of marijuana makes a person five times more likely to develop psychosis than a person who doesn’t smoke marijuana.

Who Is At Risk Of Marijuana Psychosis?

People who are at the highest risk of developing THC Psychosis are typically predisposed to paranoia and psychosis-related symptoms.  If a person has had mild psychotic symptoms prior to using marijuana, they may be more likely to develop psychosis after using marijuana.  A person’s age can also be a factor.  Adolescents who use marijuana are at a higher risk of developing marijuana-induced psychosis.  They are also more likely to cause the onset of a mental health disorder after using marijuana.

Symptoms Of THC Psychosis

Acute Symptoms:

The acute symptoms of Marijuana Psychosis occur while the drug is active in a person’s system. These symptoms typically only last as long as the marijuana “high” and stop after a couple of hours. These symptoms can include general feelings of irreality as well as hallucinations and delusions.

Persistent Symptoms:

For some people, these psychotic symptoms will persist long after the marijuana high has worn off. For them, these symptoms can sometimes last weeks on end. These hallucinations and delusions may be accompanied by depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

THC Psychosis Treatment

When treating Marijuana Psychosis, it is critical to address both the addiction and the resulting psychosis.  Because the symptoms of THC Psychosis mirror those of Schizophrenia, it makes sense that they should be treated by a psychiatric facility.  In the course of THC Psychosis treatment, the staff has experience treating people who are detached from reality.  However, it is also essential to be able to treat the symptoms of chemical withdrawal as an addict attempts to recover from their dependency.  That is why D’Amore Healthcare is the perfect place for a person with Meth Psychosis to heal.

D’Amore is an Orange County mental health treatment center for adult men and women specializing in the intervention, acute stabilization, and residential treatment of addiction and mental health disorders. Our mental health facility is located in sunny Orange County, California.  

Our well-trained and kind-hearted staff is on call and ready to help you 24 hours a day, year-round, to get you started on a personalized treatment plan. They will create an individualized care plan with the necessary therapeutic modalities to ensure your mental wellness.

If you or a loved one need help recovering from THC Psychosis, call us today.

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