Bariatric Surgery: A New Beginning


Kick-Start to a New Life Bariatric surgery can be a great kick-start for people who have been struggling with eating issues. After your surgery, your stomach is a fraction of the size it used to be, so portion control is much easier. Remember, though, that it is only the beginning. I like to draw a […]

Maintaining Sobriety While Away at College


Sobriety in Dorm or Greek Life Managing your daily school schedule, study time, work, exercise, friends, the picky RA, money and some sleep can be a doozy! The popular narrative is that college is filled with a lot of partying and little studying. If you are a recovering addict that is heading back to school, […]

Healing the Herd Through Equine Therapy

equine therapy

How Equine Therapy Increases Self-Compassion and Self-Awareness Self-compassion and self-awareness are improved through equine therapy because both horses and humans are based in the herd instinct (tribe, band, family, etc). Without the herd, isolation is fatal. The fundamental well being of each individual in the herd is vital to the wellbeing of the herd as […]

10 Benefits of Exercise in Recovery

Sweating in Sobriety While exercising might not be at the top of your bucket list after addiction treatment, it may help maintain your sobriety. When people get out of rehab, they are usually overjoyed at the thought of their new life. They want to get out and celebrate their newfound freedom from addiction. This may […]

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

What is Alcohol Poisoning? Alcohol poisoning, or alcohol overdose, is the result of drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. Typically a person suffering from alcoholism. Approximately 6 people die from alcohol poisoning each day in the US. Alcohol depresses nerves that control breathing, heart rate and body temperature. Consuming high levels of […]

Tips for Preparing for Rehab

You’re about to change your life for the better! You made the tough decision to go to inpatient rehab. Now, how can you prepare so that you can focus on your rehab without worrying about what’s happening at home? These tips will help you prepare for the much-needed pause from your everyday life. Getting help […]

Life Rules for Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Maintining Healthy Relationships Maintaining a healthy relationship is a two-way street. It takes treating others well, while ensuring you are being treated well in return. Being self aware of your own actions and how it impacts others is of utmost importance. On the flip side, a healthy relationship is also about getting what you need […]

Is Alcohol Good or Bad For Your Health?

Alcohol and Your Health For quite some time now, we have heard claims that alcohol can be good for your health, especially for the heart. These claims are not certain and are based on moderate alcohol consumption. According to the Mayo Clinic, even moderate drinking is not risk free.   Moderate alcohol consumption for healthy […]

Understanding Depression


How Depression Works Depression is a mood disorder that changes the way you think, feel, and perceive the world. Also, known as, clinical depression or major depressive disorder, it can lead to persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest along with other emotional and physical symptoms. More than just a spell of the blues, […]

Identifying Drug Paraphernalia

drug paraphernalia

Drug paraphernalia awareness is important when understanding if a family member or a loved one is using. These are the items family members use to hide or consume drugs. You may find these items in hidden away in their bedroom, car as well as their clothing pockets. Plastic baggies, as well as small paper bags Cigarette packages […]