Sobriety in Dorm or Greek Life

Managing your daily school schedule, study time, work, exercise, friends, the picky RA, money and some sleep can be a doozy! The popular narrative is that college is filled with a lot of partying and little studying. If you are a recovering addict that is heading back to school, you may be worried about the pressures and cravings you could very easily experience, especially if you live in the dorms or go Greek. Being in an unstructured environment with complete independence can be intimidating, especially in early sobriety.

Some Tips to Keep You on Your Path at College

Substance abuse has become more prevalent in young adults and addiction is, unfortunately, becoming more and more common among college students. If you have successfully completed treatment and are now sober, it is important to use these tips as you navigate your goals.  It’s normal to feel anxious and worried that you will not be able to handle the pressures at school; however, we know you can effectively maintain your sobriety while creating a happy college experience.

Get In Where You Fit In

Align yourself with people who share similar interests as you. Get involved in a club or organization you are passionate about. Building a social network of like-minded people combats the isolation and loneliness that can occur throughout the semester. Furthermore, keeping a schedule, outside of your classes and studying is important — boredom can trigger a relapse.  

Stick with the Winners

Roommates are extremely influential. To avoid relapse, find a roommate who is aware of your sobriety, and one who will respect you and your space. If possible, we suggest that you live with another person who is in recovery so that there will be very little chance of temptation. A sober roommate can make your room a sober environment.

Eyes on the Prize

Remember, chasing your dreams requires starting with one small goal. To sustain a sober lifestyle, make time to attend weekly meetings. Early recovery can be a confusing time, and the experience, strength, and hope you find in the rooms can guide you through that time and keep you in sight of your goals. Look at meetings as an hour of self-care.

If You’re on a Diet, Stay Away from the Dessert Cart

Don’t put yourself in compromising environments. If you know that attending a party with drugs and alcohol will lead to temptations that you can’t manage, don’t go. One night out at a party is not worth a relapse, especially when you have worked so hard.


The recovery process is a journey, and you can still enjoy your college years while staying sober. If you are struggling with addiction and need treatment, contact D’Amore Healthcare today at 714-375-1110.


Dorm life, Greek life, the good the bad of college days and nights- you can get through this and be wiser for all of it!