New Uses for Ketamine

According to the National Institutes of Health, Ketamine is by far the most versatile drug available in anesthesia and possibly in all of medicine. Designed over 50 years ago as an anesthetic, recent use of Ketamine in psychiatry and pain treatment has seen dramatic growth. Health care providers are increasingly turning to Ketamine infusions for treatment […]

Suicide Prevention Effect of Ketamine

Ketamine in Suicide Prevention Tragic losses of life from suicide, like the recent passing of iconic designer Kate Spade and the chef, storyteller, and writer, Anthony Bourdain are absolutely devastating…and preventable. Each year, nearly 45,000 Americans die by suicide. Furthermore,  for every suicide, 25 more are attempted. With dire statistics like this, we must find a better […]

Ketamine: New Hope for Depression

Ketamine: Essential Medicine Those suffering from treatment-resistant depression may now have new hope! A new study shows that Ketamine, a club drug known as ‘special K’, may be an effective treatment for depression. Ketamine is a class III schedule drug.  Hospitals and other medical settings have the approval to use as an anesthetic. Ketamine’s discover […]