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Do Antidepressants Stop Working?

Antidepressants are a cornerstone in the treatment of depression, offering relief for many who struggle with this challenging mental health condition. However, the journey with

Sad man at the end of a dock and showing the physical signs of depression

Spotting the Physical Signs of Depression

As those who’ve been so depressed they couldn’t get out of bed already know, depression absolutely impacts the body. While not commonly thought of as

Types of Depression Medication

Types of Depression Medication

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 280 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Nearly every person who lives through a major depressive episode

Self-Help Solutions for Depression

Self-Help Solutions for Depression

Depression has become a common mental illness in the United States, where one in 15 adults suffers from depression annually. While depression can affect individuals

Overcome emotional numbness

4 Ways To Overcome Emotional Numbness

There are a number of reasons that a person might shut their emotions down. Either consciously or unconsciously, people have a tendency to wrap up

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Hypersomnia and Depression

More than 264 million people around the world suffer from depression, with many more experiencing periodic symptoms. While there are a few types of depression,

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Can You Go To Rehab For Depression?

Most people associate rehab with drug and alcohol addictions. However, there are similar residential mental health facilities that specialize in mental health disorders beyond just

Depression Medication Effectiveness

10 Signs Your Depression Meds Aren’t Working

Antidepressants won’t prevent your depression. Nevertheless, they can support or achieve their symptoms. Tranquil, searching for the correct medication, can yield nearly trial and error.

Orange County Depression Treatment

Identifying and Coping with a Depression Relapse

Depression is a treatable condition. If you are suffering from depression, there is a wide range of mental health treatments and therapies that can help. Unfortunately, beating depression

Seasonbal Affective Disorder and Depression Treatment in OC

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) vs Depression

Approximately 17.3 million Americans struggle with major depression each year. About 10 million also experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD for short).  Both major depressive disorder and SAD are

Warning Signs of Suicide

 Suicide Prevention   Imagine there were 45,000 more Americans each year. Unfortunately, there were. They committed suicide. These people were your neighbors, teachers, bankers, and

Postpartum Depression (PPD) Part 2 of 2

Functional Medicine Nutritionist, specializing in preconception and prenatal care   Postpartum Depression (PPD) Part II: How to Prevent It   Postpartum depression (PPD) is the most

Postpartum Depression (PPD) Part 1 of 2

Postpartum Depression (PPD) Part I: Contributing Factors It’s estimated that 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression(PPD). What’s the difference between PPD and the ‘normal’ fatigue and brain

New Uses for Ketamine

According to the National Institutes of Health, Ketamine is by far the most versatile drug available in anesthesia and possibly in all of medicine. Designed over

Postpartum Psychosis

Postpartum psychosis is a very serious mental illness that usually starts in the days or weeks after birth. You may not be able to look

There is a Reason Major Depression Hurts

Neuromechanics of Major Depression and Pain Major depression is often associated with painful physical symptoms such as a headache, backache, stomach ache, joint ache, general

Suicide Prevention Effect of Ketamine

Ketamine in Suicide Prevention Tragic losses of life from suicide, like the recent passing of iconic designer Kate Spade and the chef, storyteller, and writer Anthony

Ketamine: New Hope for Depression

Ketamine: Essential Medicine Those suffering from treatment-resistant depression may now have new hope! A new study shows that Ketamine, a club drug known as ‘special


Understanding Depression

How Depression Works Depression is a mood disorder that changes the way you think, feel, and perceive the world. Also, known as, clinical depression or