New Moms: Take Care of Your Maternal Mental Health


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 10 women experience symptoms of depression in their lifetime. For new moms experiencing postpartum depression (PPD), that climbs to 1 in 7. There are a number of factors that contribute to PPD including hormone imbalances, lack of support and high expectations. On more rare occasions, a new mom may develop postpartum psychosis, a severe mental health condition. Postpartum psychosis is a psychiatric emergency that needs immediate medical attention. In severe cases, a mother’s suffering may be so great she may commit suicide. According to the World Health Organization, maternal mental health problems are a major public health challenge.


Maternal Mental Health and Stigma

The stigma around mental health issues is real and pervasive. And it can wreak havoc on a new mom suffering from postpartum depression. Wanting to be a perfect mom to your new baby can prevent you from getting help. But what you are experiencing is not your fault. And it’s treatable with a little outside help. Don’t let the stigma surrounding mental health stop you from feeling better and getting back to enjoying your baby.


Mental Health Issues During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body is going through major changes–hormonal, emotional and physical. It’s true, pregnancy can be stressful. It should come as no surprise that 1 in 4 women struggle with mental health issues during pregnancy. Postpartum depression can actually start during pregnancy. Other issues can include baby anxiety, depression, bipolar and eating disorders. Talk to your doctor about your feelings during pregnancy before symptoms get worse.


Maternal Mental Health and the Impact on Baby

Maternal mental health issues can impact a child’s development. Postpartum depression can affect breastfeeding, mother-baby bonding, and parenting. Untreated mental health issues in mothers can lead to a higher risk of mental health issues in their children. If you are a new mom, don’t suffer in silence. Getting help early will help and your baby. Call us anytime 24/7. 714.375.1110

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