Healing does not respond well to shortcuts — Speak to an Inpatient Facility 

Mental illness is a non-discriminating process that affects individuals from all walks of life. Behavioral instability to the point of moderate or severe distress can be caused by a number of contributing factors: trauma, addiction, genetics, biology, thought process.  Individuals who suffer from behavioral disorders experience moderate to severe distress and impairment, requiring clinical screening, assessment, guidance and time. Stabilizing Mental Illness Requires an Inpatient Setting.


Self-acceptance, self-trust and self-compassion

Patterns of thoughts, physical health, emotions, spirituality, financial stability and overall wholeness within oneself and with humanity develop over time, so time is the first ingredient to heal. The second ingredient, compassion. Self-acceptance, self-trust and self-compassion develop in the face of distress with the right education and support. Compassion towards oneself and receiving compassion from others are distinctive components that will determine the trajectory of mental well-being. Third, accurate diagnosis is just as important as compassion and time. Diagnosis is a bit more challenging in the realm of mental illness. As one heals, more historical facts and details come to the surface. Additionally, as reasoning improves, self-awareness becomes more natural and accurate.


What is Proper Treatment

D’Amore’s Inpatient residential facilities provide a comfortable environment for the recovery of the mind, body, and soul.


Common interruptions

The most common interruptions to mental well-being include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, compulsivity, and schizophrenia. However, there are over 200 different forms of mental illness. Also, the disruption of healthy mental function can be a scary and confusing time for individuals and those affected, such as family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, even community members like fire and police! The importance of proper treatment is the defining factor between remission and further complication, short-term and long-term. Fortunately, most cognitive, mood or behavioral illnesses are successfully treated with a combination of a.) psychotropic medication, b.) psychotherapy and c.) environmental stability. Also, always remember, time is key. Healing does not respond well to shortcuts.


Evolution of psychiatry

The evolution of psychiatry and mental health care has provided various modern treatment modalities, which aid in healing distressed functioning. Psychotropic medications and psychotherapy are the two most common and effective treatment approaches. However, therapeutic methods, such as self-help support groups, process and psychoeducation groups, health and wellness education, and goal-setting build individual self-acceptance, self-trust, and self-compassion.


Progressive relief and increasing self-acceptance

D’Amore Healthcare Inpatient residential facilities are designed to provide a stable, warm environment for individuals suffering from mental illness. For mental health or substance use disorders, a residential facility is required more often than not, because the body is changing over the 24 hour period. Therefore, to reduce suffering as quickly and effectively as possible, while ensuring safety, the patient needs staff on demand 24/7, to monitor, dialogue, record data, support, and create stability.


D’Amore Healthcare will alleviate symptoms much faster

The faster and more thorough the service to a patient’s chief complaint and the pain (mental anguish) associated, the more likely the patient will adhere to program guidelines, learn about contrary action and seek further benefits. D’Amore Healthcare will alleviate symptoms much faster than the traditional outpatient treatment facility. But, in combination with D’Amore Healthcare, outpatient care (Partial Hospitalization Care, Intensive Outpatient Care, Outpatient Care), patients receive progressive relief and increasing self-acceptance.



D’Amore take four careful psychiatric and bio-medical histories in the patient’s first 24 hours. That is so we can get right to work! We know it’s not comfortable to try new things. D’Amore recognizes the brave warriors who come to our inpatient facility, looking for new ideas and around the clock compassion. We don’t waste one iota of a patient’s story or time. In fact, our medical and clinical team create 3 care plans to ensure comprehensive care.

This healing atmosphere focuses on monitoring behavior, thought process, and therapeutic dosage adjustments to mitigate early or adverse reactions to care or medication. Also, time, compassion and recurring diagnostics stand to give every D’Amore Healthcare patient the gift of improved mood, cognition, and behavior!


Stay connected, stay motivated and chances are you will enjoy a happy, healthy, less-stress life! To learn more, contact us or call 714.375.1110

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