Definition of Gracious Redundancy

The word gracious is an adjective meaning that you are kind, courteous and compassionate. The word redundancy is a noun meaning excessive repetition. Together, Gracious Redundancy is a term that focuses on the dignified and compassionate treatment of others through repeated positive reinforcement.


Positive Reinforcement

The reinforcement theory of motivation informs us that one’s behavior is a function of its consistent consequences. Based on “law of effect”, behavior with positive consequences tends to be repeated, while behavior with negative consequences tends not to be. Our criminal justice system punishes people, without showing them how to replace lethal, toxic or civically wayward behavior. In contrast, Gracious Redundancy builds self-efficacy by celebrating new healthy behaviors with a variety of reward options.


Used in Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

Gracious Redundancy is a positive reinforcement theory that we apply to patients with addiction and mental health treatment. Combined with psychiatric care, medication, structure, nutrition, sleep, therapy, and recreation, Gracious Redundancy helps turn mental illness into mental wellness. In fact, Gracious Redundancy helps patients develop self-trust, the trust of others, self-respect, and respect for others.


Creating Healthy Habits through Gracious Redundancy

Human beings do not create healthy habits by accident. A healthy habit requires modeling, guidance, education, self-awareness and positive reinforcements. Also, treating addiction and mental illness requires new patterns of behavior and thinking. We need Gracious Redundancy so new memories, endorphins, dopamine, hormonal balances stabilize biochemical processes and give way to self-regulation. Furthermore, it’s not possible for patients to give enough grace or positive reinforcement to themselves. Hence, provided with close supervision, encouragement, prompting and reassurance, healthy habits become the patient’s new normal.


A Foundation For Success

D’Amore Healthcare ensures a foundation for healthy living by treating the psychiatric needs while caring for the whole person. Our unique program develops an attainable individualized treatment plan in a setting that addresses each person’s needs. Individuals are not in the habit of receiving this warmth, structure and hope. We guide our team with Gracious Redundancy to ensure patients are spoken to with unconditional positive regard. We show compassion while facing a brave or fearful day, are reticent to engage in group work or fully enthralled. Gracious Redundancy, along with our Build Me Up program, sets our patients’ up for successful and rewarding lives after treatment.